• About Us

    Rayee ACE is one of the largest insight providers of education industry in China. We believe, education is to build the core values and thinking skills to adapt the fast-changing society.

    Therefore, we focus on the Competence Education market in China that helps kids to become the citizen and owner of the 21st Century, rather than the traditional K12 after-school tutoring market that is exam-oriented.

    Rayee ACE in China is a leading industry insight provider where we have news, reports, national events, and courses for education startup companies in China, covering over a million educators, startups, investors, innovators, and thought leaders.

  • In the meantime, we thrive to connect global education or EdTech

    product with the Chinese EdTech market.

  • What we can do for you

  • Introducing your product to the Chinese education market through our Chinese articles and various nation-wide events

  • Connect you with the right business partners

  • Helping you to find Chinese investors and incubators

  • Events

  • Summit & Expo

    In 2018, ACE hosted over 3000 attendees and 12 sessions with 140+ speakers sharing their perspectives, business strategies and market trending on the education market.

  • Trade Fair

    We connect the suppliers and buyers in the same room and they can know each other better! We do this for various EdTech sectors: Arts, Sports, STEAM and so on.

  • Company Training

    We held online and offline courses for young startups, e.g. online marketing through WeChat, team recruitment, laws and finances, and many other areas!

  • Insights

  • Stay tuned for our articles, data packs and reports, where we will help you to have a deeper understanding of the Chinese Non-exam-oriented EdTech market and the consumers in it.

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